Neil Bailey Swimming


Neil Bailey Swimming is an experienced club delivering unique swimming lessons to children in the High Wycombe, Beaconsfield and Marlow areas.

Challenge Swimming


Holiday Swimming Courses for all abilities


Intensive Group Swimming Lessons


60 minute lessons in small groups delivering significant improvements to all abilities

One To One Swimming Lessons


30 minute lessons with a personal mentor


Semi Private Lessons


30 minute two-to-one swimming lessons


About Neil Bailey Swimming

We are a local team led by Neil Bailey, an ASA teacher with over 20 years of experience. Running a variety of intensive swimming lessons for children of all ages and abilities.

Our intensive courses are suitable for non-swimmer level to advanced and elite swimmer level. We deliver high quality lessons resulting in significant improvements to all levels – encouraging hesitant non-swimmers to gain confidence and independence whilst providing expert feedback to allow an advanced level swimmer to improve technique, stamina, and speed.

Summer Programme 2019 

To read about this years Summers Swimming offers and to view the full timetable please check out our newsletter. 

Neil Bailey Swimming Newsletter 2019


Book a Lesson

You can view our available lessons on the calendar page, where you can also book on. For enquiries about courses or venues, please contact us directly either by email,, or by phone on 07938629129

Challenge Swimming

Our Challenge Holiday Programme aims to identify your child’s next swimming challenge and help them achieve more as swimmers

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Intensive Group Swimming Lessons

For children from the age of three who are starting their learn to swim journey or who are already on their way to being an advanced swimmer.

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One To One Swimming Lessons

For all abilities, half an hour with their own mentor to produce significant improvements to their swimming

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Semi Private Swimming Lessons

Focused 30 minute lessons are for two children of a similar swimming ability

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Term Time Lessons


View availability and enrol onto our term time lessons at Cedar Park and High March – simply search for the venue in the club location box

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