Challenge Swimming

Challenge Swimming

Challenge Swimming

During the learn to swim journey there can be skills that take more time and focus to master. Our Challenge programme running through school holidays allows us to identify the next challenge and spend more time breaking down these skills and allowing the children to achieve more as swimmers.

Neil Bailey Swimming Challenge Programme offers two types of intensive courses to suit your child and to make sure they achieve maximum progression with their swimming.

  • Intensive Group Lessons suitable for: children from the age of three starting their learn to swim journey who require motivating and challenging for those first independent swims and for those who are on their way to becoming great swimmers and require challenging, correction and perfecting of their strokes and aquatic skills.
  • One to One Swimming Lessons for all abilities, half an hour with their own mentor to deliver significant improvements to their swimming.

Challenges can be big or small they could be; getting over the fear of water, independent swimming for the first time, mastering frontcrawl breathing, getting to grips with butterfly or learning how to dive and turn.

Our term time lessons already deliver progress but our Challenge programme allows us to focus on dozens of small changes and corrections and spend more time on them than our term time sessions normally allow.
These can include;

  • Stretching and hyperextension of feet and hands,
  • Frontal resistance and hydroplaning,
  • On and under water skills,
  • When to swim fast – when to swim slowly – and telling the difference,
  • Turbulence and how to suppress it better
  • Integrating kick, pull and breath into an effective holistic stroke
  • Dives and turns – getting good ones – spotting bad ones
  • Reflective practice – the thinking swimmer – how to measure your own swimming and learning to adjust it as you go.

Challenge, correct and perfect.