Intensive Group Lessons

Intensive Group Lessons

Intensive Group Lessons

Intensive Group Lessons are sixty minute swimming lessons based at High March School Swimming Pool in Beaconsfield. These lessons are suitable for children from the age of three ranging from non swimmer to advanced level swimmer. We aim to make significant improvements to your child’s swimming by providing feedback on their strokes and increasing their general knowledge of aquatic skills. Resulting in faster progression through the stages of their learn to swim journey.

The children are split into the following groups;

Non, early & nervous swimmers able to swim up to 5 meters. The aims will be over 10 meters. Four pupils.

10 meters front/back. The aims will be to improve all aquatic skills. Six pupils.

25+ meters with good style front, back and breast stroke. Aims will be to improve technique, advanced breathing and underwater skills. Diving will also be introduced with progression to club standard. Six pupils.

All children are then assessed to ensure they are allocated to the most suitable group for their current ability. As your child improves through out the week they will move groups accordingly.

What to Expect

Refine, Repeat, Reinforce.

During the lesson the teachers will be breaking down and re building the strokes to correct technique. As they do this they will be observing the swimmers to assess their body position, leg kick and arm movement and breathing technique in the water. This process will be repeated with all the strokes again and again until we have built up a strong imprint of how to swim well, how to stay safe in the water and how to have fun in the water – which is an important aspect of the lesson too!